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Pre Burns Dance Practice

Pre-Burns Dance Practice

Whether or not you plan to take part in our Burns Supper 2020,

you are hereby invited to our

Pre-Ball Gathering


Monday 20th January 2020

at 18.30 - 21.00

to practice the dances we are going to enjoy at the Burns Supper, i.e.

The Gay Gordons

The Dashing White Sergeant

Strip the Willow

The Eightsome Reel

Waltz Country Dance

This event will take place at Tyska Kyrkans Församlings room ”Seemansheim” in Gamla Stan.

Entrance from Prästgatan 33 (through the door in the wall).

This is primarily an opportunity to practice dancing but it is also a party to brighten dark January.

Isn’t that as good a reason to come as any?

You are most welcome to come and dance and meet friends - old and new.

Dress is casual but kilts/tartan are appreciated.

Please bring soft-soled shoes.

Cost 60SEK (refreshments included) to be paid at the door.

You don’t have to apply but letting us know in advance will help us in our planning.

Please send your name to [email protected] or call/text 070 - 480 00 46.